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Do you remember…. we used to Awake up early and start our Day with the humming tone of birds!!!!  Now a days it has been replaced by Mobile Phones. Do you remember or recall several social birds to whom we have witnessed our daily routine life in childhood i.e sparrow, parrot, pigeon, crow, duck, mynah, cuckoo etc. Now a days these birds has limited their presence on internet, and you tube videos. The rapid urbanization and changing pattern of human settlement has adversely impacted the niche and natural habitat of several social birds. Many of them are now verse of extinction.

Social Birds does not get impacted by human presence or not required to be grown in isolation. They have their presence around us and can be preserved and taken care with small effort.

I remember the poem by “Mahadevi Verma” we use to murmur during school time or while playing in open areas.

आंधी आई जोर शोर से
डालें टूटी हैं झंकोर से
उड़ा घौंसला अंडे फूटे
किसके दुख की बात कहेगी।
अब यह चिड़िया कहां रहेगी ?
हमने खोला अलमारी को
बुला रहे हैं बेचारी को
पर वह चौं -चौं कराहती है
घर में तो वह नहीं रहेगी
घर में पेड़ कहाँ से लाएं
कैसे यह घौंसला बनाएं ?
कैसे फूटे अंडे जोड़ें
किससे यह बात कहेगी ?
अब वह चिड़िया कहां रहेगी ?
तिनके लेकर महल बनाती
ऊंची डाली पर लटकाती
खेतों से फिर दाना लाती
नदियों से भर लाती पानी
तुझ को दूर न जाने देंगे
दानों से आंगन भर देंगे
और हौज में भर देंगे हम
मीठा -मीठा ठंडा पानी।
फिर अंडे सेयेगी जब तुम
निकलेंगे जब नन्हे बच्चे
हम आकर बारी -बारी से
कर लेंगे उनकी निगरानी।
फिर जब उनके पर निकलेंगे
उड़ जायेंगे बया बनेंगे
हम तब तेरे पास रहेंगे।
तू मत रोना चिड़िया रानी।

Reason behind low presence of social birds around us

Open Area Vs construction area: Have you seen nest of bird in any apartment or society near you, merely you find the same. Rapid urbanization and dense population density results in decreasing Man: tree ratio as well as Open Area Vs construction area in cities. The upcoming pattern of construction is being copied in villages as well. This results in lack of suitable habitat for social birds. Social Birds does not get impacted by human presence or not required to be grown in isolation. They have their presence around us and can be preserved and taken care with small effort.

example: The house sparrow (Passer domestics), has their presence almost in all part of geographical area. They don’t require any specific or extreme climate to grow. However, you can feel their absence around you. When last you have seen the nest of sparrow?

Deforestation: Although the percentage of green area or plant cover has increased in India in past years. However, the fact is slights away from statistics. the established green area or trees have been fallen during or for various upcoming infrastructure projects. This results in movement of various birds’ species from one location to another or at times loss of the population for that areas.

Example: In national capital Delhi, the presence of Peacock is abundant and can be seen across all the green areas. Sometimes we can see them about the roof top or boundary wall. However, their population is getting decreased as increasing construction has witnessed fallen for large number of trees in almost all part of NCR.

What we can do?

There are various government initiatives which is in progress to conserve the bird species identified on verse of extinction. IUCN (International Union for conservation of Nature) has also listed various species in their and red data list. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ is the world’s most comprehensive inventory of the global conservation status of plant and animal species. With its strong scientific base, The IUCN Red List is recognized as the most authoritative guide to the status of biological diversity.

A small effort can be made by us in our daily routine life which can help the social birds to remain in ecological balance or else in coming days due to anthropogenic activity they may be listed in red data list.

Place water pot on your terrace: you can place mud water pot on your terrace where birds can emit their thrust.

Pic Credit: www.Amazon.in

Place grains pot in open area:  In villages, people use to spread wheat or rice, grains on roof top for drying in sun light after washing. This is the normal procedure for producing flour, before using the dried wheat for grinding. This attracts several social birds who use to get accompanied with daily routine life of humans. Unfortunately, packaged food is taking shape in villages as well.

Pic Credit: www.amazon.in

A mud grain pot near open area or garden can be kept where one can feed the birds by placing grains. Now a days these pots are easily available on e commerce platform such as Amazon, flipkart, REWA etc.


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  1. Yes.. now-a-days it’s mobile that’s has replaced the chirping of birds…these days I hear only crow’s “caw caw caw” in early morning… may be after few years this too will disappear

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