It is the end of the year 2020 that brings us to what change environment has faced this year. The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for each of us. But as they say, even dark clouds have silver linings -counting down all the positive impacts, this year has on the environment:

Improvement in Air Quality: The statewide lockdown allowed by the episode of COVID-19 has stopped too many cities and countries. Still, right after the lockdown, many countries have seen fewer travelling by the public whether it be their personal vehicle, train or flights. Many industries were closed down and could not function. This change in the system has led to positive air quality index, as there was a significant decline in nitrous oxide emission. Kerala in April 2020 observed the lowest level of air pollution.

Clean Water Quality: It was observed that a good deal of water bodies have cleared up. In the Ganga basin, it has registered significant improvement owing to April month restricted industrial waste dumping. Because of lesser human activities, nature is healing.

Effect on Wildlife: Again, where fish is concerned, the lockdown has seen a decrease in fishing, which implies that the fish biomass will increment after over-fishing nearly exhausted it. Apart from that, creatures have been spotted moving about unreservedly where once they would not challenge to go. We have spotted even ocean turtles getting back to the regions they once stayed away from to lay their eggs, all because of human impedance.

Impact on Vegetation: Plants are becoming better because there is cleaner air and water, and because once more, there is no human obstruction. With everything at a halt, plants can flourish and develop and deliver more inclusion and oxygen. We expect a better flora and fauna worldwide, which is acceptable over the climate's long haul.

Change in the laws: As of late, Denmark has passed a driven new atmosphere law to help them remain focused on relieving environmental change. With this new law, atmosphere targets are lawfully authoritative and depend on the yearly endorsement. On the off chance that individuals from government neglect to meet atmosphere targets, they should resign from their job.

There is the dread that everything will return to its original form if we continue to be careless towards the environment. We have to care for the environment more now. We are at a vulnerable stage. Switching to a sustainable lifestyle and thinking twice before taking any action can help our environment.

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Written By: Vartika Prasad