India will go dark later this evening to celebrate The Earth Hour' with the theme "Climate Change to Save Earth". This year considering the COVID-19 pandemic the message that this Earth Hour wants to convey is that everyone should come forward to participate in protecting our environment. Though 2020 was a difficult year for each one of us yet we fought together to overcome the situation to conquer this pandemic.

Here are the 10 things which you would like to know about Earth Hour.

10 facts about Earth Hour

-WORLD WIDE FUND (WWF) started this movement called the "Earth Hour" in Sydney, Australia in the year 2007.

- "Earth Hour" is celebrated to protect the climate and save the planet Earth.

- India observed its first "Earth Hour" in the year 2009.

-In 2009 around 5 million people across 58 cities came together to join this movement.

-The United Nations Headquarters in New York City first time participated in this campaign for the year 2009.

-Since its inception The "Earth Hour", 2011 was the grand year in the five-year journey.

-2013 was the year when New Delhi became the Earth Hour national capital of India.

-Earth Hour 2020 became an event bigger than ever as 190 countries and territories took part with over 4.7 billion global social media impressions.

-The Earth Hour is celebrated worldwide every year on the last Saturday of March.

-The event is held globally to encourage people to switch off their lights from 8:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m, as a symbol of responsibility towards our planet.

Mother Earth has given us so much that we owe her enormously, so we need to bestow our love, our blood to her in a way that she becomes happy forever. So, switching off the lights for just one hour will light up your future.

Take action for nature tonight- 27,March 2021 from 8:30pm-9:30pm

Written by: Harshita Sinha