Christmas is around the corner. This year, let's be humble towards not just people but the environment as well. We all need to bring some change in our lifestyle as we have already destroyed nature a lot. This year, with the end of the festival, let us pray for a good life and practice for sustainable and eco-friendly living. Try to celebrate Christmas in an environmentally friendly way. Here are some pointers to an eco-friendly celebration this year.

#Ditch plastic Christmas tree: Starting from the start, the Christmas tree with the comfortable lifestyle options, we all have switched to plastic trees. This year have a pot plant for the use of the Christmas tree, which can be reused every year. If not willing to buy a tree, you can also make your own Christmas tree at home with old newspapers and paints. By this, you can reduce the use of plastic on the planet.

#DIY eco-friendly decoration: Don't use plastic decoration materials; instead, make decorative items at home. With recycled papers, newspapers, paints, cardboards, woollen threads, etc. try to recycle and reuse things. Don't use LED lights instead of that use solar-powered fairy lights ,also use eco-friendly candles.

#Green gifting: Gift consciously instead of spending more money, go for local shopping gift ideas. Give a shot to gifting a sapling which will live longer than your other gifts or opt for eco-friendly gift ideas like handmade products, home care, personal care products.

#NO firecrackers: Bursting crackers gives us immense pleasure, but it has its own repercussions, which is obviously not healthy for the environment. Instead of bursting crackers switch to green crackers, it comes with seed so when busting that seed can grow by its own.

#Ditch plastic wrapping: Wrapping a gift is the most useless part of the gift. Its use is just for a few seconds, and later it goes directly to the dustbin, creating toxins in the environment. We can use recycled paper, or even a newspaper, to degrade no one's value but enhance earth life.

#Digital wishing: Christmas card wishing is a traditional, but most wasteful area if we consider it creates so much waste in the landfill because most people just throw them. Instead of cards wishing to go for digital wishing and earth will be forever grateful.

#Go eco friendly and not trendy: We use a lot of plastic cutlery when we throw a party plastic cutlery is trendy, but most hazardous for the environment, we should switch either use home dining set or opt for eco-friendly cutlery: plates, straws, a spoon made of leaves.

Festivals are the most beloved part of the time in everyone's life across the world. But one must also keep in mind that it also generates a lot of waste and is a little mindful, and by changing our habits and switching to green habits, we all can make this world a better place. So this Christmas, let's contribute and adopt green habits in our lives.

Written by: Vartika Prasad