Imagine being on a mountain peak and welcoming the year first sun rays, or seeing the sunset on a serene beach ending the year in style. Sounds thrilling, ain't?

Many of us plan to tick off our trekking list, sightseeing, and exploring the entire being with nature. We all want to enjoy the ecological diversity, but we don't even want to think about the environment. The New Year celebration is an image of expectation and unlimited resolutions for the vast majority of us. We frequently use the expression " New year, New me". The year 2020 has taught us to be responsible and accountable for our activities. Lets our aim for this year-end be, "to travel sustainably".

Now you must wonder what sustainable tourism is?

It is travelling yet attempting to have a common effect on the climate and the local culture. Contribute to the economy and the public's work that is inviting us. Tourism has a significant impact on planet Earth. Most of the time, we are not even aware of it. Return to overexploited cities' gases emitted to the vehicle's source's advancement and through consumptions of resources. But nowhere is a fresh way of sustainable tourism, a substitute for travel and respect the environment.

We all can travel sustainably by being conscious of our acts.

Remember to follow these rules and be an ideal tourist any place you go:

1. Do your research about the place you are going to. Check out the do's and don't regarding the ecological balance.

2.When arranging your trips, pick those providers who offer you assurances of value and regard for the climate.

3 Use natural resources with measure: water, energy.

4. Generate a minimum of waste as much as possible. When disposing of waste, do it as cleanly as possible. Always recycle.

5. Never, ever leave your garbage during the trip.

6. Help local business, use local products.

7. Don't disturb plants and animals of the region, especially protected species.

8. Say a Big NO to plastics.

9. Use public transport.

10. Don't litter any spot or expect the staffs at your stay to clean up.

11. Segregate waste it helps a lot.

12. Take nothing for granted because you are paying for it. It's the collective effort of every human being will make a difference.

It just takes an attitude to be a sustainable tourist. Pass on these rulings to the children as well—no one's like their space to be polluted. Respect the feeling.

Reference: you visit a natural,the case of protected species.

Written By: Vartika Prasad