Feel positive while start your day, this is one of the mantras which is being followed in India since long. The ancient culture believes in different form of energy for our active lives and suggested various ways for activating positive energy around us. There are ways to welcome positive energy to an individual which can be triggered by meditation, yoga etc. At the same time there are different ways to bring positive energy to home as well.

Healthy plant around us keeps the physical environment healthy. Yes, by planting indoor plants, terrace gardening you can make your surrounding pleasant and relaxing in turn makes your home with positive energy. Our Shastra like Garur Puran also suggested the importance of plants and trees in our active life.

Plants are natural source of Oxygen as well as help in detoxifying environment by absorbing Carbon dioxide. There are some indoor plants which contributes more oxygen and can be preferred for while selection of indoor plants. example: Areca Palm, Money Plant, Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera Jamesonii). There are some indoor plants which produces oxygen even in night as well example; Aloe Vera, Snake Plants etc

Do you want to bring positive energy in your home?

There are various plants which can be grown indoor or on terrace based on availability of space and suitability of environment. Vastu shastra is an art which is being practiced in India to brings positive energy in home by following its methodology. It recommends selecting the plants with utmost care and should be placed in right direction, to ensure they bring positivity inside the home.

Following plants can be planted inside the home or for terrace garden;

  1. Basil Plants: Basil or Tulsi has mythological as well as scientific importance and considered as auspicious. As per vastu guidelines it should be placed in the North, East or in North-East direction
  2. Bamboo Plants: It is also known as lucky bamboo as faith suggests that it promotes luck and peace also it brings wealth and fame
  3. Money Plants: Most loved indoor plants known for bringing wealth and prosperity in home. Vastu recommends placing this on North or east direction of the house
  4. Aloe Vera: Known for various ayurvedic medication. It is one among the best plant which detoxify the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and release Oxygen even in night. It can be listed as one among the best indoor plant and can be placed North or east direction of the house
  5. Snake Plants; It is also a popular indoor plant, known for absorbing aromatic compound present in atmosphere such as Bemzene, xylene, toluene

Experience shared by Avantika Srivastav on Home Gardening

"Gardening is a great exercise as it helps you in de-stressing. My job as a banker involves a lot of time and energy which is often exhausting. With gardening, I de-stress myself and also contribute in a great way to nature by growing more greenery around me and my family. It is also a great source of calorie burner as researchers say that every element of time spent in the garden, even simply taking a leisurely stroll and watering the plants, burns calories and the more time you spend cultivating your green space, the more exercise you'll be providing your body with.With so many indoor plants available in the market, you can easily do gardening even in the apartment structure. This not only purifies the air but also enhances the aesthetic of your dwelling." says Avantika Srivastav

Written by: Team The Earth View