If you’re in India or a Hindu, tiptoe into a ‘puja Ghar’ or temple someday, and look for the utensils used. The rust coloured shiny utensils are all made of Copper. Not only the puja utensils, but some houses may even have traditional household wares made of copper. Know why?

Copper is an essential metal. It is associated with holiness & purity since ancient times and has been embraced by Ayurveda since always.

Nowadays we purify drinking water in UV and RO filters but our grandparents have played it the smarter way. That’s by using copper pots and utensils to purify water. Copper’s purifying effect on water and its mineral content add holiness to our internals. This holiness is evident in the way our health blooms at the touch of copper!

Source: eSamskriti

Our body synthesized most of the nutrients it needs, but Copper. Hence we need to get it from dietary sources. The dietary sources from where we can get copper are dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, lentils, whole grains, cereals, peas, seafood, chocolate and water stored in copper vessels.

According to Ayurveda, drinking 2-3 glasses of water from copper vessels provides a sufficient amount of copper to the body. It balances the 3 doshas – Kapha, Vata and Pitta, and ensures the proper functioning of various organs of the body.


Here’s how drinking water from copper vessels can help you:

1. Helps the digestive system performs better by killing harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation within the stomach.

2. Aids weight loss by breaking down fat and eliminating it efficiently

3. Heals wounds faster due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

4. Slows down ageing due to the anti-oxidants present in it

5. Good for heart health and reduces hypertension. It helps regulate blood pressure, lowers one’s cholesterol level, and maintains the heart rate.

6. Mitigates the risk of cancer by fighting off free radicals with its anti-oxidants. Free radicals are one of the major causes of cancer.

7. Protects from infections because metal sterilizes bacteria and kills them effectively

8. Regulates the working of the thyroid gland. Most people suffer from thyroid gland issues due to a lack of copper in the body. Drinking water from copper vessels prevents risk.

9. Beats arthritis and inflamed joints due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s great for relieving pain and aches, thereby helping arthritic people.

10. Boosts skin health and melanin pigmentation. Copper is the main component in melanin production in our bodies. It also helps in new cell production such that the dry dead cells on the skin can be replenished with new ones. This results in smooth, supple skin.

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