One of the major contributors to air pollution is road transport which affects the environment. For a sustainable future and to become an integral part of the green industrial revolution that could take place in upcoming decades Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom recently mentioned that the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars will be banned in Britain from 2030.

He also mentioned this step will end up creating nearly 250000 jobs in the field of energy, technology, and transport.

As reported by BBC Boris Johnson made this statement as a part of plans for a green industrial revolution which will create jobs in the industry like nuclear energy.

The government further mentioned that by the end of 2030 sales of new gasoline and diesel cars will be coming to an end, which was criticised by the automakers as they expressed their worry about the target being too ambitious.

As reported earlier carbon capture technology and hydrogen energy is also included in the government's green plans.

He also mentioned that with this move the government wants to bring new jobs to struggling former industrial regions of central and northern England.

As quoted by AP, the prime minister also added that the green industrial revolution in the country will be powered by the wind turbines of Scotland and the North East. It will be propelled by the electric vehicles made in the Midlands. He also mentioned that the use of advanced technologies developed in Wales can help look ahead to a more prosperous, greener future.

As reported by other media portals Britain has also pledged to take its carbon emission to net zero by the 2050.


Written By: Nidhi Choudhary