Valentyn Frechka, 19 years old Ukrainian student started the Re-leaf paper initiative, which produces packaging material and paper bags from fiber extracted from dead leaves.

According to various news portals, the high school student started working on a science project in rural Ukraine which included the process of turning fallen leaves from plants into paper. Re-leaf is an initiative now headed by Valentyn Frechka after three years of work.

The main goal of the project is to reduce the impact on the environment that happens because of the production of paper which involves cutting down trees. The project is established in the city of Zhytomyr near the capital Kyiv.

Frechka believed that waste can be reused multiple times for multiple purposes. The Re-leaf initiative also collaborated with a cardboard manufacturer in the city where Frechka was a research and development specialist.

As quoted by Reuters, Frechka also mentioned that things which are believed to be waste can be re-needs or recycled. Leaves, once starts rotting produces a lot of carbon and therefore they should be removed from the parks. However, by producing paper bags from dead leaves Frechka is giving a chance to consumers to contribute towards a sustainable future.

With this lead, Frechkha is planning to turn re-leaf into commercial production. In October large bags were filled with leaves in Kyiv and other cities which made the first batch of solid paper that re-leaf produced.

With this Frechka is listed in one of the Forbes most successful under 30 Ukrainians 2020.


Written By: Nidhi Choudhary