CommuniTree founded by Hafiz Khan in 2018 has so far planted numerous trees and created man-made forest at around 110 acres of land at 28 locations in Chennai and Bengaluru. Started with a vision of saving the environment by building a better and greener tomorrow by planting sapling, this organisation has created man-made forest and helping in conserving the environment by increasing the green cover.

Do you know that around 10% of global warming is because of deforestation? There are many more effects of deforestation on the environment which indirectly is affecting the health of not just humans but all other living beings, so by taking all the ill-effects and condition of the environment, Hafiz Khan has taken a step forward and has come up with an idea of saving the environment by healing the environment by building an organisation CommuniTree.

CommuniTree, based out of Chennai created a man-made forest on government land on open state reserve after having an agreement between the government officials. Hafiz Khan said, "Till now, CommuniTree has planted trees and created man-made forest at around 110 acres of land at 28 locations in Chennai and Bangalore. Other peoples also became part of it as a volunteer to take care of the plants and trees and keep the target of at least conserving 80%-90% of plants out of the entire plant and saplings sown."

The fact is, "we cut one and a half acres of forest down every second". Humanity is in massive debt to the environment and has caused harm to it, which has caused soil erosion and has disturbed the climate's behaviour. There is a massive amount of Carbon dioxide present in the air and oxygen level for loss of plants and trees is always getting low. The air pollution level is continuously rising, which has affected human health to a considerable extent and has caused Asthma, eyesight loss, and other breathing problems.

Hafiz said, "Humans are enemy of nature, on a path from where the human walks the plants never grow on that path again. At CommuniTree we organises vast camps to develop man-made forest. My organisation has come forward to raise funds. The two major companies are Hero motor corp and The Times of India. There are many more such companies who also join their hands. With their help and support, CommuniTree has planted 5.6 lakh trees. The organisation also creates butterfly parks in residential societies. It performs some activities at schools such as growing food forest with children and educating them about the benefits of trees and how to take care of them."

The vision of CommuniTree is to leave green footprints miles and miles Away! and become a leader in web-based tree planting services to build a green future for our future generations, provide them with a hospitable environment, and to set them free to breathe in clean air by saving Mother Nature and planting more trees.

Very soon CommuniTree is about to unveil two more forests which are ready, and the mission is to transform the gesture of "Planting Trees" a "Thing to Celebrate"!!!

Written By: Shaaigan Mahfooz