Globally, almost 30 per cent of trees are intimidated due to numerous factors, according to World’s Trees report.

469 of India’s 2,603 tree species, i.e., extinction intimidates 18 per cent, according to a report released on September 1st. Over 650 endemic tree species are home to our country, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Data on tree species in the Indo-Malaya biogeographic region has not yet been evaluated. This is also the thing for the Oceania realm, according to the State of the World’s Trees on September 2021. Afro tropics also have the highest number of threatened tree species. They found tree species that are not threatened in the Palaearctic and Nearctic (North America).

Almost 58,497 species of trees can be found in the world. Central and South America have a huge number of tree species, with 23,631 tree species. The second region is Indo-Malaya, which has a huge number of tree species that is 13,739. We found the lowest number of tree species in Nearctic and Oceania realms.

According to researchers’ data, 142 tree species have already vanished, 29.9 per cent of tree species are threatened, 7.1 per cent are possibly threatened, 41.5 per cent of tree species are not threatened, 13.2 per cent of data is deficient and 8.2 per cent of data is not evaluated.

Indonesia has many tree species, and also many threatened species compared to Brazil, China and Colombia. Madagascar country has the highest number of threatened tree species. 11 per cent of plant life in every country comprises threatened species, says the report.

Around 18 per cent of Indian tree species are looking at the extinction possibility, according to a new assessment by London-based Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

The number of cases has increased in Madagascar, where 59% of plants comprise threatened species. The islands of St Helena and Mauritius faced a similar situation, with 69% and 57% of flora threatened. There were 27 countries with no threatened species of trees.

Singhal Bhoomi Pawan

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