Soul of rapid growth in Indian economy has witnessed various revolution related with agriculture since primitive era. In India, agriculture is a primary source of economy for mass population. Agriculture based revolution has result in balancing the supply of increasing demand of cereals for rapidially growing population of India. Study reveals the fact that over 60 % of the rural population in India is dependent on agriculture as prime source of their livelihood. With advancement in agricultural techniques and selection of crop pattern has increased the yield manifold on the same agricultural area. If agriculture along with allied sector is taken into account such as fisheries, forestry, horticulture etc it will account for one of the major and single largest contributor of nations GDP. Since Independence, government has come up with various policies, which supports industrialization or infrastructure development with the help of foreign investment or by promoting the small industry. In spite of the same, agriculture is the only sector in India, which supports mass population in terms of employment and major contributor for Indian economy.

In Recent past despite of the fact that there is increase in agricultural productivity, the inclination towards the selection of agriculture as a prime source of livelihood has decreased. India has witnessed the maximum population of youth who is contributing towards the building of nation in positive direction. Despite of this fact, after higher studies the inclination to work in formal agriculture sector or selection of farm cultivation, as a career is mere a thought. It results in old agricultural practice, which is being used by majority of the farmers, which results in comparatively less yield as compared to other countries i.e. Canada, China. Currently the advancement in agricultural technology has its limitations up to the laboratory and research institutes only. It is because due to lack of decision support system farmers are not getting right advice at right time.

The risk of Crop failure due to changing environmental condition across the globe is also a challenge. Unavailability of real time database of demand and supply is also one among the major factors, which is directly affecting the profitability of the farmers in negative way despite of high crop yield.

Geographical Information system can be considered as boon for agriculture industry if its usage can be practiced in way that is more effective. In Next Section, this article will cover the details that will reveal the fact that despite of high agricultural productivity why profitability is less. What are the major pain area for agricultural practice? How GIS as a technology can be effectively used by formal sectors to help farmers in decision support system for selection of crop until obtaining maximum profits in terms of selling price?

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