Amisha Sharan

Diwali is just around the corner and

as Supreme Court in 2018 had banned the use and sale of conventional

firecrackers, there has been a popular demand for the Green Crackers. These

eco-friendly crackers are developed by the Indian Council of Scientific and

Industrial Research (CSIR). Currently, the green crackers are

being sold at lesser cost or on the same rate as that of the conventional


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The green crackers were introduced to

keep up the vibrant tradition and also employ millions of families whose

livelihood solely depended on manufacturing of crackers.

Although called the environmental

friendly crackers, these green crackers are only capable of reducing dust and

smoke related to bursting of crackers by 30% and reduces sulphur oxide &

nitrous oxide emissions only by 20%.

Even after the introduction of Green

crackers and several measures taken by the government, the air quality in the

national capital continues to be at “very poor” according the Air Quality Index


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As you roam around the streets of the

Capital this year, you will hardly find many stalls selling crackers. The sale

of fireworks have been replaced by various scented candles shaped beautifully

and tons of fairy lights sparkling in every street. As people are talking about

environment more and more, this awareness has led many families into switching

to more eco friendly ways of celebrating


Nalini, a resident of Saket, Delhi

said "This year we did not buy any crackers for kids. We gifted them

chocolates and toys instead. "

College students on the other hand

have taken up completely different approach to celebrate Diwali. Shreya, a

student of Delhi University, distributed chocolates to the children selling

things on street. She said "the smile on their faces were way more satisfactory.


Another resident living in civil

lines, will volunteer at Animal Shalter, "It's hardest for them this time

of the year, those innocent one are super scared. I request people to not burst

crackers especially near animals. " said Mansi

Therefore, Green Cracker Or No

cracker, there are multiple creative

ways people are switching to this year.

You can also write us about the new

initiatives you have taken up this Diwali.


Safe and Green,