Hydroponics is the technique of cultivating food in an inert medium where nutrients are provided to the plant via a flow (air or water). It means that you can produce food with minimum maintenance and in any atmosphere. In today’s world, it’s the only way to assure that your supply of foodstuff is clean/fresh and pesticide-free. When you grow food–you control what goes in the food and finally on your plate. It’s better for the ecosystem, you save more than 50% water, and because you use no pesticides, it’s purer and tastier.  Pindfresh, a startup based out of Chandigarh, is helping people to grow their food sustainably by providing them with home hydroponics and urban gardening kits.

Chandigarh-based Somveer Anand who started Pindfresh in the year 2015, says, “Hydroponics is a niche trend in India and not very popular among the masses. Though, it is cost-effective as well as a sustainable form of farming. I started PindFresh India’s first largest chain of hydroponics to provide this technique to everyone in the form of kits that can help people grow  their food at home in an eco-friendly way. We often buy cabbage for Rs 150 or more from the market while if we use this technology and grow our food the same cabbage can be procured for ₹4 or ₹5. Use of this technology will not only ensure the cheaper rates for vegetables but also if this technology is used in growing plants used in the pharmaceutical industry it can curb the rising prices of medicines.”

Pindfresh uses raw materials like coco-pit, plastic, rubber pipes which are all made in India with love. He says, “I believe in providing service. Thus we have designed our hydroponic step-ups simple to use. They are lightweight and viable. It uses 30% of water and minimal residues, however, there is no limitation for cultivating any plant, and time consumption is  equivalent to a field farm. Apart from this, it contributes to our ecosystem as it uses no pesticides, no nitrification of rivers, recyclable water, no carbon mills.”

The simplest way to start an urban farm from vertical indoor hydroponic systems for hassle-free indoor growing to outdoor soilless solutions and world-class accessories for all urban gardening needs:


Standalone vertical indoor systems inclusive kits that also comprise training and help on how to grow hydroponically.


Standalone outdoor systems inclusive kits that also hold training and advice on how to grow hydroponically.


Learning systems and accessories: world-class supplies that carry–plant nutrition, grow lights, developing media, and learning kits.

Somveer Anand since 2015 has worked a lot on research and development in hydroponics. He firmly trusts that there is no failure, as at every point you gain something fresh, which ultimately forms something substantial. He takes failures in his stride, and is  more keen on lessons learnt. Somveer is a proud innovator of some reliable setups. His leading setups are as follows:



The Tashi line grows all your leafy greens and herbs in a vertical form with fixed grow lights.



It is India’s authentic and best-selling hydroponic kit. it has designed an affordable hydroponic kit to encourage people to try it.



The Scala line turns all your leafy greens and herbs in a flat format outdoors. Ideal for balconies, on rooftops, and in gardens.



Hydroponic nutrients that provides complete nourishment to plants Grow lights is  Ideal for Indoors Hydroponics Growing.

Pindfresh is an online business portal, they sell their products through e-commerce sites such as amazon. They make sure that their products help customers to live a healthy life. They are planning for workshops and expanding this concept of hydroponics.

Written by: Rujuta Kakade

  1. Great job done by her…by spreading awareness about different ways and techniques of cultivating land and its eco-friendly also….GREAT WORK DONE

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