Environment Education has been mandatory

subject now a days in all education boards. Government is also paying more

attention towards Environmental Education and Awareness for taking care of

increasing Environmental issues. Almost every Universities in India has

initiated full time courses in Environmental science at bachelor and Master

Level. There are few courses which has gained attention in past days like

Environmental Audit and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Environmental science has broad category and overlapping

subject area for study as it shares common area of interest in another domain

as mentioned below;

  • Environmental


  • Environmental


  • Environmental


  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Geographic

    Information System

  • Disaster


Environmental Subjects available for Study in

India across various universities, these courses are classified under following


  • Certificate:

    Post Graduate Certificate

  • Diploma:

    Post Graduate Diploma

  • Graduate:


  • Post

    Graduate; M.Sc

  • Research:

    M.Phil and PHd

  • Engineering:

    B.Tech, M.Tech

These courses are available as full time as

well as open study across various universities in India.

JNU (Jwahar Lal Nehru University) is one among

the premiere institution in India who is offering courses on Environmental

Science. All IITs and central Universities are also offering different program

in Environmental Science or Engineering.

Other than traditional Environmental degrees,

there are various unique interdisciplinary subjects designed in recent past

that has added demand in market as provide excellent job opportunities for

students; Few of the courses are listed below;

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing
  2. Jamia

    Hamdard University

  3. Kurukshetra


  4. IGNOU:

    Course in under preparation

  • MBA in Disaster Management: Course offered by
  • Guru

    Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi

  • Anna

    University, Chennai

  • IASE

    University, Rajasthan

  • Indira

    Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

  • The

    Global Open University, Nagaland

  • Tata

    Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

  • Geological

    Survey of India

  • Courses on Climate Change
  • Center

    for Environmental Nuclear Research (CENR)

  • Center

    for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT)

  • Indian

    Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)

  • National

    Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)

  • The

    Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

  • Centre

    for Environment Education (CEE)

  • Sri

    Paramakalyani Centre for Environmental Sciences (SPKCES)

Carrier Options after

pursuing Environmental Education in India;

  1. Environmental Engineer:

The demand for Environmental Engineer is getting

increased now a days considering the strict Environmental Norms and Policies.

Job Role:

Air, Water Pollution monitoring and control, Designing and implementation of

Rain water Harvesting, Water Treatment plant, Creating and implementation of

Sewage treatment method, Waste management disposal etc

Prospective employer: State Government, Central Government, Pollution control boards, Industries who comes under Environment Norms of Indian Constitution and responsible for pollutants management before its final disposal.

2. Environmental Manager

In recent past Environmental Manager job has

increased in demand considering management of various aspects of Environmental

consideration i.e. regulations, liasoning with government, execution of project

by foreign funding agencies.

Job Role: Responsible

for taking care of overall environmental prospects of the organization by

developing, monitoring and implementing the right strategies at right time

using appropriate methods following defined guidelines.

Prospective Employer: Government Organization, Private companies, NGOs

3. EHS Manager

Environment Health and Safety is one among the

key job role which is recognized by almost all organizations. It deals with the

safety of employees as well as ensures the best practices organization is

following for employee's health and their safety at work places.

Job Role: Responsible for evaluation of working

place including all equipment's and processes being used to ensure compliance with

government defined safety standards. Overall responsible for management of occupational

hazard if any.

Prospective employer: All organization has strict guidelines to follow the EHS norms. In non-production unit (IT, Telecom etc) the role is limited upto safety of employees at work places, fire fighting training, mock drills etc. However, in production unit (chemical plants, rubber industries, construction sites etc) They have vital role to play. EHS manager use to participate on day to day work on site, evaluate the effective measure were taken during work by employees. All measures adhere to the standard defines norms or not.

4. Project Officer

The term Project Officer is being used by NGOs

or funding agencies for deployment of Environmental Experts for a short period

of time i.e till the life cycle of that project. Their role is like that of

Project Manager in other industries. Various foreign added environment related

projects are being implemented in India. These are short term projects and now

a days attracting employment of Project Officers.

Job role: Responsible

for execution of predefined objective of the project related with environment.

Prospective Employer: NGOs, Project executed under aid of foreign funding agencies, Government projects

5. Environmental Auditor

Job prospects for Environmental Auditor is getting

attention in recent past in India. Being a developing Nation there are various

industries which are either started functioning or in the process of getting

initiated. The role of Auditor required at both at inception as well as operational

stage of any such industries.

Job Role: Role

of an auditor aims at verification and validation to ensure that various

environmental laws are complied with and adequate care has been taken towards

environmental protection and preservation. Preparation of summary report

prepared after an environmental audit that describes the attributes of the

audit and audit findings and conclusions.

Prospective Employer: Industries/Private Sector, Government Body, Independent practice or can work as consultant

6. Teaching Environment

Increasing Environmental Issues now a days has

one best solution to make everyone aware about its impact on human being. Exploitation

of current natural resources without compromising the demand for coming

generation is one among the key agenda for sustainable development. Considering

the same Environment Education is now a mandatory subject in almost all board

of education in India. Government has also made a guideline to introduce

Environment education from primary stage of education itself. Various

universities across the India has initiate curriculum at UG and PG stage for

teaching Environment.

Job Role: Teacher,

Professor, Research Assistants

Prospective Employer: Government and Private School and colleges, NGOs

7. EIA Expert

Environmental Impact Assessment is now a day's

mandatory before citation of any industry in India. In short this is a

mandatory exercise to predict the effect of a proposed activity/project on

Environment. In India EIA has introduced through Environment Protection Act in

1994 and considered as mandatory event for industries which may have probable

impact on Environment.

Job Role: EIA experts explore the project

area, its processes, predict and suggest remedial measures for negative impacts

of a proposed activity, plant or project. EIA is a specific field, and career

tracks are generally determined by specialization and level of education


Prospective Employer: Industries/Private Sector,

Government Body, Independent practice or can work as consultant

There can be more

domain specific jobs and Job roles related with Environmental studies. The Objective

of this article is to provide the short introduction about the subject. There

may be various other prospects which are not covered under this article.

Author: @theearthview@gmail.com