increasing urbanization, our planet is also losing its green cover that is one

of the contributing factors in climate change. Trees being the lung of the

earth perform a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint. Revitalizing

the green cover is the best way to restore the eco-system. One of the emerging

techniques of afforestation that is gaining popularity worldwide is seed-ball.


ball, which is also known as earth balls, is a Japanese natural farming

technique that is made of seeds of native trees of your region combined with

clay and compost. It is important to use native seeds as the non-native or

exotic plant can harm native habitats or reproduce an array of invasive

species. Once dried, these seed-balls can be dropped in the suitable place for

the trees to grow. This evolving technique of afforestation is gaining

popularity worldwide and various NGO’s and organizations in India are

organizing these seed balls making activity.


seed-ball remain a fun-filled activity that can be enjoyed with family and

friends while contributing for the environment. In order to make seed-ball, one

portion of seeds should be combined with five portions of clay and compost. The

balls can be produced of a golf size ball and should be dried for at least 24

to 48 hours after the formation. In order to maximize the chances of sprouting,

the fittest times to deploy your seed balls is before the arrival of the



of the most striking features of a seed ball is that it is convenient to throw

anywhere in an abandoned land or between the divider on the road while driving.

However, it is important that the area when you throw a seed ball, it should

not be a dry land or a densely planted area.


recent events of climate change such as the fire in Amazon rainforest and bush

fire in Australia have already shaken the world and it is the time when we have

to act or the earth will start burning. Deforestation was one of the key

factors in both these events. The forest cover around 31 per cent of the land

area on the planet while every year almost 18.7 millions acres of forest are

lost annually; one has to recognize the devastating effect of deforestation. We

have to wake up before it’s too late as our ecosystem is under threat like

never before and increasing the green cover is the panacea to combat the

climate change.

This summer-break persuade your kids to involve in seed-making activities at home or plan a weekend with your friends and colleagues and make some seed-balls and bomb them before the monsoon arrives. It is one of the coolest and modern ways to save the environment.

Written By Anvita Srivastava