In past few days I was struggling to finalize a

research paper and subsequent to finding a Journal where it can be published.

Similar issues were faced while I was pursuing Masters in Environment

Management and was very keen in writing about the Environmental Trends and

issues. Later during my dissertation, I found that the six-month work done can

be summarized into a nice research paper which I can submit for Publication to journals.

I was not sure which journal can be considered for submitting paper, how it can

be done and how much time it will take to get the work Published.

This article will help

you to understand all the key fact about the research paper publication and in

preparing a checklist or to do list before you submit the same for publication.

During higher studies almost every student gets

an opportunity to work on a unique concept of their subject area and submit his

finding as a project work. There are various project work and corresponding

writeups are getting submitted as part of academic curriculum. At times these

works later identified as subject areas for further research or helps other

researchers to take reference in case they are doing similar work.

  1. Should I write a research Paper?

This is important question which one can think

of and analyses. If you find the work what you have done in your academics is

unique and others can get rightly benefited directly or indirectly then definitely

yes, you should summaries your findings as a paper. Following points will

further help you for decision making to move ahead or not

  • Does

    your work is Unique or innovative?

  • Does

    it help others for reference if they are doing similar work

  • Does

    this paper get noticed for reading or review by others?

  • Who

    will be audience?

If you have a justified answer for above four

question, then I think you can move ahead for next important question as

discussed further in this article.

  • What should be type of your Write up?

It is important to understand that there are

several types of writeups that is being published by Journal. Hence the work

done can be understood first and then writeups needs to be summaries

accordingly. Below mentioned types can

be considered (There may be other types as well)

Review Paper: It includes understanding the past research

work done on a subject and writing the same based on findings from various

research paper. Here some latest data can be analyzed and can be compared with

the findings and conclusion can be made accordingly. These papers don't include

any unique results as more or less it includes interpretation of proven results

already available in other research paper.

Research Paper: Research paper is an outcome of a work

done.At times it can be termed as

project work why So? Do you understand definition of a Project? Project is a temporary

endeavor, undertaken to create unique product services or results. In a Project

the product service or result is well know before initiation. Hence the result may

or may not be unique. In case the result is not unique then the paper can be summarized

with the innovation in methodology adopted or any alternate or unique method of

doing the similar things done in past. In case the work results in generation

of any unique output then the paper can be summarized with Material and

Methodology, results, conclusion etc.

  • Take suggestions from Supervisor or Guide

It is very useful to get suggestions from seniors

or supervisors during research work as well as while writing paper. The written

paper can also be submitted with them to have a first hand review and

corrections if any. It will also be helpful in deciding the types of writeups (review

paper or research paper) and selection of Journal.

  • Understanding the of mode of publication

It is important and key factor to get your work

acknowledged. Hence selection of the same can be done carefully. There may be

various journal available for your specific domain however you must understand

your audience. Few of the journal types may be as below (not limited to)

  1. Online Journal: There are various journals which

    has online publication only. There audience include people who can have web

    access for reading online paper.

  2. Journal (online + Hardcopy): They have reach in masses as their

    target audience is online as well as students and research across the universities

    and other institutions

  3. Conference Paper: Various institution and independent

    authorities are arranging for International or national conference for specific

    domain. These proceedings include the live Presentation on work done by

    researchers, academicians etc and publication of their findings.

  • Selection of Journal for final submission

It is the major challenging task and can be

done by taking following points into consideration;

  • Scope

    of the journal, as it should match with your domain or objective

  • Performance

    Index of the Journal

  • Indexing

    of the journal

  • Impact

    Factor of the journal

******* How to do the above can be seen in next


  • Checklists for research paper

Usually all the journal accepts the paper in

their own format, however following sections are most common amongst many of


  • Title

    of Paper: It must be unique in a way that, it represents the soul of your work summarized

    in article

  • Abstract:

    It includes the brief summary of the work done and your results. A small and

    impressive writeup with appropriate selection of words can make the reader

    understand why the rest of the sections in paper is worth for reading.

  • Key

    Words: It includes the iconic words used in paper which you want to highlight.

    It also includes the short length word which has repetitively used in paper

    such as GPS (global positioning system).

  • Introduction:

    It includes the brief objective or pain area or current situation of a problem

    and what can be the expected approach for resolution of the same. It includes the

    summary of why this work has been taken for research or review.

  • Methodology:

    It includes writeup in detail about the Material and Methodology used

  • Results:

    This section can be summarized in detail with the results or output for the

    work done

  • Conclusion:

    This section includes the meaningful work you have done with reference to

    similar work already done earlier

  • acknowledgement:

    This includes the vote of thanks to people, guide, friends who helped you in

    this research work

  • Reference:

    This includes the list of all research papers which has taken as a reference

    for the current study.

******* This section can be referred in detail

in my next blog