Seema Ghate is Women Scientist-B, is a doctorate in ‘Plant Ecology’. She has done her post-doctoral research on ‘Development of Indoor greenery with the help of phytoremediation’ funded by the Department of Science and Technology (D.S.T) New Delhi in 2011-13. Ghate who is the founder of SeeGreens Clean Solution that provides plantation consultancy regarding the remedy of indoor pollutants released in indoor spaces. It deals with indoor plants that help in depolluting the air. She also has several years of research experience in the field of Phytoremediation. Recently Selvi Pareek of The EarthView interviewed Seema Ghate about See Greens and importance of indoor plantation.

Q.) Tell us something about SeeGreens Clean Solutions?

Seema: SeeGreens is a unique name which is a combination of See from Seema as I as Love green, therefore, it is SeeGreens. It’s been 25-30 years I am working in this field and now I am spreading awareness about this. SeeGreens is a foundation which works on how to depollute air at home. It also researches on different plants which can be easily grown at home. The system of indoor plantation works as a filter for air at home. Using activated charcoal as the medium increases the absorptive surface for pollutants. This medium acts as a bio-filter through which ambient air is drawn and depollutes the air, and absorb all the pollutants. Popular indoor house plants that are easy to maintain are selected due to their known absorption capacity.

Q.) Why did you decide to research on home gardening?

Seema: I was working as a landscape designer at Marathwada university when I experienced the problem of outdoor pollution. I felt that the same amount of pollution can also be indoors because we breathe the same stale air again and again. Therefore, I decided to research some plants that are easy to maintain and can also help in purifying. I started from there and today we have SeeGreens that only deals with the indoor plantation that naturally purifies the air.

Source: Seema Ghate/ SeeGreens

Q.) What are the different types of plants that specially help in depolluting or purifying the air at home?

Seema: There are a plethora of plants that we have researched and found out that it helps in absorbing the indoor pollutants. Aglaonema commutatum, Philodendron littlephil Ficus, elastic Sansevieria trifasciata, and Aloe barbadensis are few of them. We have conducted research on these plants and have observed that these plants have the ability to absorb the pollutants. We have found that they also release the anti-pollutants which helps in purifying the environment. These plants are often categorized as kitchen plants and bathroom plants. Aglaonema commutatum is also known as Chinese evergreen which is used a living room because this plant can purify the pollutants released from cigarettes and nicotine products. Aloe Vera is a bedroom plant as it releases oxygen at night.

Source: Seema Ghate/ SeeGreens

Q.) What is the importance of indoor gardening and why purifying is important? In present scenario, when there are compact homes, how important is indoor plantation?

Seema: The plants we are working and researching are specially designed for the indoor environment. As you said that in the current scenario there are compact homes. In such closed and compact homes, ventilation and presence of fresh air is a rarity. In the absence of proper ventilation, we are forced to inhale the same stale air again and again. This causes the same harmful substances like CFC’s and the pollutants to circulate in the environment. However, it is necessary to make the air we inhale, healthy. These indoor plants not only purify the air but also adds to the aesthetic of your home as they can be planted in beautiful ceramic mugs, coconut shells etc. These plants are low maintenance and also helps in absorbing harmful pollutants present in the air. These plants also refresh the air and some of them which I mentioned are specially designed and helps in changing moods. It also exhibits a positive effect on people who are staying in the house.

Q.) What are the fertilizers or special manure you use for your plants? Do you prefer using artificial fertilizers?

Seema: All these plants are specially used for depolluting the air so we don’t use many fertilizers and chemicals. However, we usually use homemade manure as nutrients for such indoor plants. This home-made manure doesn’t even cause much harm to the environment, plants or the air.

Source: Seema Ghate/ SeeGreens

Q.) What are some special tips you will like to give to the people who do such gardening?

Seema: Indoor plants not only give green vibes but also helps in keeping your house healthy and fresh. It is good to have indoor plants as they help in cleaning the air we inhale. A gardening tip for everyone who practices indoor gardening is to use containers such as bottles, mugs or small cups. These containers absorb less water and less light which is very important for the survival of indoor plants.