"You are never fully dressed without perfume" quote by C. Joybell C authored poetry and literature books. Yet, even though aromas and scents improve our wellbeing and persona, it is damaging to the environment. Know a little more about how perfume can disturb the environment.

The research finds that using scented items for example, fragrances, hair sprays, deodorisers, and paints emanate similar chemical fumes as petroleum outflows from vehicles — although 15 times more petroleum is burned as fuel. Scary!

At the point when a product records the expression "fragrance" or "perfume" among its ingredients, this really speaks to a combination of presumably a lot of chemicals. It is assessed that approximately 3,000 chemicals are utilised as aromas in daily items utilised daily, such as fragrances, colognes, and deodorants, yet additional in many sorts of individual personal care clothing cleansers, conditioners and cleaning items.

Freshengo is a team of several members, including Akshay Shah and Jatin Thakker as co-founders. To come with the solution, Freshengo has come with sustainable fragrance ranges. Freshengo is weight free and straightforward to apply capsules, accessible in various aromas. These capsules are alcohol-free, injected with essential oils and other natural ingredients uniquely crafted to the T to ensure the smell remains fresh and endures long.

Freshengo Akshay Shah's co-founder said, "We wanted the consumers to use natural ingredients while they smell good. We have the in-house expertise to formulate, so we went ahead" They have achieved robust growth in terms of revenue. They have also established their clients in the international market. As of now, they have 6 products, they are going to be launching 3 more soon.

They have the in-house capability to manufacture soft gel medicines; they know the entire technicality of gelatine material. When encapsulated the perfumes stay potent as its air-tight, the perfumes' longevity is better used from the capsules. They have handpicked ingredients from Japanese farms; they use essential oil in the base to blend with perfumes. Freshengo Capsules are gelatine material, which is biodegradable too.

Freshengo believes switching to a sustainable life is important; everyone should adopt sustainable living it right for us and the environment.

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Written By: Vartika Prasad