In a bid to become sustainable and provide a proper waste management system to the electronic waste, the Delhi government has taken a big initiative to build 3 e-waste parks to recycle scrap electronic items.

With the advent of technology and the increase in the manufacturing of electronic goods, electronic waste or e-waste has become one of the leading problems that have plagued the world. However, only a small portion of e-waste gets recycled.

To combat the issue of increasing e-waste and to provide a better solution for its management, the Delhi government has planned to set up 3 e-waste parks in each municipal division for deconstructing and recycling the products. The authorities will soon come up with a plan on how these parks are to be constructed following the instructions from the principal scientific advisor to the Centre, and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal.


● India is the third-largest e-waste generator in the world.

● Mumbai is the top e-waste producer in India followed by Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata.

● India recycles only 17.4 per cent of e-waste.

● Metal and Plastic might be procured by recycling the e-waste.

Unlike other states, e-waste recycling was not allowed in Delhi before, it has been recently legalised. The e-waste will be collected from informal sector workers at these parks and the recycled products will be supplied to the manufacturers from here. It is said that these parks will be extended over the area of about 20-acre land inside the north, east, and south Delhi.

With the help of these parks, there will be an improvement in the atmosphere and also the illegal processing of e-waste will be controlled.

Written By: Harshita Sinha