Producing water from air indeed sounds very fascinating but the researchers from IIT Guwahati has proved it possible. Researchers at IIT Guwahati has developed a novel material that can be used to extract water from humid air. This research has also been recently published in the International Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Uttam Manna, Associate Professor at IIT Guwahati's Centre of Nanotechnology mentioned that in the areas where rainfall is less, plants and insects uses creative strategies to extract and collect water from the air. By imitating the same, scientists across the world are working towards creating technologies that can be used to harvest water from the air.

The concept of chemically patterned SLIPS has been used by the researchers of IIT Guwahati to harvest water from the moist air.Professor Manna also informed that the team has produced a highly efficient interface for water harvesting. He also told that the fog collecting rate is really high. The researchers compared the performance of their interface with other bio-inspired ideas and find it as more efficient

He also expressed that a lot of people in India does not have access to safe drinking water and therefore such method will help in alleviating the water scarcity in the country.

The team of researchers also included research scholars Kousik Maji, Avijit Das and Manideepa Dhar.


Written by: The EarthView Newsdesk