One of the sustainable initiatives taken by the district administration of Jajpur, Odisha to recycle the waste has now translated into an artistic masterpiece of 12 feet tall statue of golden deer made from scrap metal. This statue is situated in the middle of the crossroad at Kianali road that leads towards the district headquarter town. This golden deer made from metal scrap is made by a group of artists and was recently opened for the public.

This first of its kind statue in the city is catching the attention of visitors, especially during the evening as the place is well-illuminated. It an initiative done as a part of beautification drive, involved the recycling of waste into a beautiful piece of creativity. It is a brainchild of Collector Chakravarti Singh Rathore.

Quoted in The New Indian Express, Rathore was also mentioned that when he took the charge and travelled the city, he discovered metal scraps thrown in various places. Looking at the metal scraps, he got the idea of using this scraps in creating a piece of art which can not only a part of beautification drive but also help in solving the problem of waste management. He also informed that the scraps used in the statue are mostly sourced from rusting vehicle parts.

With this innovative and sustainable drive, the district administration aims to create awareness about recycling waste materials.

Such initiatives by district administrations help in creating mass awareness and can be followed in other cities as well. Kudos to the district administration of Jajpur!


Written by: Team The EarthView