To help in environment conservation and spread a message of sustainability, the polling booths in Ernakulam go green by adopting the eco-friendly measure.

A few important polling booths in Ernakulam turned green on the day of voting recently. This initiative was taken under the collaboration of Haritha Kerala Mission (a hygiene waste management mission by the Kerala government) and the Suchitwa Mission (a specialized arm of the Department of Local Self Government. Under this initiative, the leading popular polling booth adopted measures of sustainability.

All the polling booths were decorated with eco-friendly material. There were messages about saving the climate which was also set up in and around the building with the assistance of the Haritha Karma Sena (a group of business- people enlisted by the public authority to offer specialized types of assistance and arrangements for waste management activities) and volunteers of city wellbeing wings and the National Service Scheme. They monitored that all eco-friendly exercises are being followed.

Before the voting day, the booths were reviewed by the Suchitwa Mission and the Haritha Kerala Mission as reported by The NewsMinute.

The volunteers deployed at the polling booth ensured that the citizens who came for voting adhere to rules and do not litter. The model green corners are one among a few activities of the Suchitwa mission to make the public body elections in Kerala eco-friendly.

Further, to spread messages the district also conducted flash mobs (dance and poetic execution) in various places of the district and Ottamthulal.

Apart from this, flyers and banners were also given. The material which was used in this campaign was also segregated properly for safe disposal.


Written by: Vartika Prasad