Have you ever thought that consuming water from plastic bottles has an ill-effect on your body? With the increasing trend of fancy plastic bottles, we often prefer drinking from these bottles and ditch the age-old tradition of drinking from an earthen pot. Consuming water from earthen pots not only quench your thirst with perfect coolness during the soaring temperature but also a healthy alternative without causing hazardous implication on the environment. Neer Patra by Bengaluru-based NGO, REWA (Raise Empower Women Around) has re-introduced these earthen bottles to the urban households in the most convenient and user-friendly way.
REWA, an NGO that works to empower the marginalized sections of the Indian society, manufactured attractive, convenient earthen bottles for regular use and named them as NEER PATRA.

Adverse Effects of Plastic Bottles

Drinking water from plastic bottles can cause adverse effects on your body as harmful chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A) can leach chemicals into the water. Even if the plastic bottles are BPA free, it still has other potentially harmful chemicals that can often leach into the water if exposed for a longer period. Apart from harming human health, these plastic bottles are even more hazardous for the health of nature.

REWA employed unprivileged and needy people from Bengaluru in manufacturing these bottles. This endeavour resulted in the financial help of these women, and also our potters who are having a hard time coping up with the country’s technological advancement.

Most importantly, NEER PATRA became the means of facilitating human health through the use of this natural, indigenous product.

Here are the top 5 benefits of NEER PATRA, or, earthen bottles:

1.) Neer Patra keeps the water naturally cool: Earthen pots/bottles/utensils cool water naturally. This is because the porous nature of the clay bottle facilitates vaporization. That means, you no more need to depend upon the refrigerator for cold water to quench your thirst. Moreover, water in earthenwares cools according to the external climate, rather than the unhealthy extra-cooling that happens in refrigerators.

2.) Water stored in earthen bottles will maintain your body’s pH balance: Clay is alkaline and therefore, water stored in these bottles is alkaline and helps maintain the pH balance of the body. It improves your health by removing gastric or acidity-related problems from the body.

3.) Keeps chemical leaching away: Plastic contains toxin chemicals like Bisphenol A or BPA, which contaminate the stored water. When continuously consumed, these chemicals disrupt the endocrine activities of the human body and weaken your health. On the contrary, water stored in earthen bottles balances your testosterone levels & imparts mineral benefits to the body.

4.) Water from earthen bottles boosts your metabolism and prevents sun-strokes: Sun strokes are common in tropical countries like India. The summers are difficult and often tell upon our health. In these times, regular intake of minerals and proper nutrients is essential.
Water stored in clay pots is an amazing source of minerals and electromagnetic energy. It boosts metabolism, provides body glucose, and compensates for the loss of power due to the sun’s scorching heat.

5.) Cures your bad throat: Drinking water from earthen bottles/pots is highly recommended to people with respiratory problems. It is gentle on the throat and cures people suffering from asthma, cold or cough. Even if you’re not ailing from a bad throat, drinking such water is prescribed as it keeps respiratory diseases at bay.

REWA – which is an abbreviation for ‘Raise Empower Women Around’, identified this opportunity of improving human health and simultaneously empowering the marginalized community, by manufacturing NEER PATRA. It is a commendable step towards utilizing our natural resources while uplifting the society from the dungeons of impoverishment.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed challenges in its distribution, REWA’s Founder & Director, Mr Abhishek Saran is optimistic about the success of their locally made product Neer Patra once normalcy is restored. And he’s pretty right because it’s time to be Vocal for Local. Isn’t it? ☺

P.S.: If you want to get your own Neer Patra, do let us know in the comments below or call REWA at 9535046900.