Irish fashion brand Primark is trying to reduce the use of sanitary towels and tampons with its new product. People nowadays prefer to use things that are not harmful to the environment, but the single-use plastic that is used in many personal hygiene products has been a large contributor of garbage that is polluting nature. Products like disposable pads and tampons are still being disposed of unhygienically.

Menstrual cups and sanitary towels were the only widely known alternatives to the pads that women and girls use during their periods.

An Irish fast-fashion retailer called Primark has launched a new variety of reusable underwear. They launched these hygiene products at a very affordable price. The underpants also come in a wide range of colours.

Primark claims that this reusable underwear can be worn by menstruating women or girls during a period without the need for any sanitary products.

The clothing giant that’s based in Dublin has termed as ‘ the perfect replacement for single-use period products’ this new range of this reusable products. They designed the underwear from eco-friendly clothes and Primark believes that this reusable underwear will reduce and eradicate the need for products that can not be recycled like sanitary towels and tampons.

Primark also provides its underwear based on 2 options regarding the flow: light to medium and medium to heavy flow. The retail giant has also confirmed that light to medium reusable medium pads can hold up to 18 ml worth of liquid (equal to 3 regular tampons) and that the medium to heavy flow option should hold up to 24Ml worth of liquid (equal to 4 tampons). Primark has priced its products at Rs. 600 for a pair and Rs. 1300 for three pairs.

There has been a controversy about using this product where one appreciates not polluting the environment while the other expresses the uncomfortable feeling of wearing bloody pants all day. Though opinions differ, the objective of making a better world remains the same.

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