Naveen Mallesh with his

company Treknomads is working to create awareness about the responsible

trekking and empowering the socio-economic status of the natives. However, he

also reveals the Project 7 Summits by

Alemaari of Treknomads to promote the Western Ghats at the global level so

that it gives a boost to tourism and also increases the scope of alternative

employment to the local community.

Naveen said, “ With this Project 7 Summits by Alemaari we intend

to promote, protect and conserve Western Ghats- which is a UNESCO world

heritage site and one of the 10 bio-diversity hot spots in the world. I want

the world to know about the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage that the

Sahayadri of Karnataka has to offer the global community. This awareness will

help in increasing the scope of tourism and the revenue which can help preserve

the forest, wildlife and endangered species.”

The Western Ghats is known

for its rich flora and fauna and it is home to several national parks, wildlife

sanctuaries and reserve forest. These mountains range also influence Indian

monsoon weather patterns by intercepting the rain-laden monsoon winds that

sweep in from the south-west during late summer.

Talking about creating

awareness through the seven-summit project, Naveen said, “The Project 7 Summits by Alemaari aim to

create a 360-degree awareness and educate the masses on the importance of

conservation, prevention and development.”

In the Project 7 Summits by Alemaari, Naveen

plans to summit the seven highest peak of each continent in the world and

create global awareness among the community about the Western Ghats. He said,

“I plan to summit seven highest mountain peak of the world which are Mt

Kilimanjaro (Summitted on Oct 2019), Mt Elbrus, Mt

Aconcagua, Mt Denali, Mt Everest, Mt Vinson and Mt Kosciuszko. In all these

seven summits, I plan to create awareness among the community. I also plan to

collaborate with the organization that is working on the same cause,

volunteering to educate and creating awareness about responsible tourism so

that the masses understand the conservation of natural bio-diversity.”

Naveen who aims to

complete all seven summit by the year 2022 while he is all set to start its

second summit of Mt Elbrus in June this year.

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