Since 2003, World Water Monitoring Day has been commemorated annually on September 18 to raise public knowledge and participation in water monitoring and protection around the world. This day is observed to raise public awareness and participation in water monitoring and protection around the world. People of all ages participate in monitoring the state of local rivers, streams, estuaries, and other water bodies on World Water Monitoring Day.

The subject of World Water Day 2021, “value of water”.

So What Is The Worth of Water In Your Life?

When we were kids, we only knew that we can quench our thirst for water, but as we grew a little more, we learned that plants also need water to survive and water is a miraculous element, unlike any other. It is important to consider this topic as we are going through drought situations.

Of all the water on this planet, only 3% of it is fresh and this 3% water provides the whole earth’s drinking water.

Water is a powerful element, as we have often witnessed it during storms and floods, but it is a pacifying element, too. Water has a powerful effect on our emotions. Just imagine the sound of waves, waterfalls, or a fountain around you. What will be your reaction? Of course, the reaction will be mesmerised and soothing.

Water is sacred by many because of its essential quality. It has had a holy place in the cultures and religions of the world for many centuries. Water has held great importance in Hinduism because it is believed that water has cleansing powers. Today many of India’s rivers are polluted, which may challenge the belief of Hindus as they consider that the water can “cleanse” itself – true.

It can be said that the water is the “soul of the Earth”. Not only are plants and animals at risk, but humans are at risk due to water scarcity and poor quality, and it has a serious social and economic impact. In desert areas, ecological restoration is a worldwide problem, and it is the most sustainable method, which is facing the challenge of scientific water use.

Do we value water the way we should? Do we understand the worth of water?

NO. We just keep on wasting the water while brushing our teeth or washing the vessels and we just let it leak. This precious element should not be treated like this. We should save this precious element as much as we can.

All over the world, there are millions of people who struggle to get drinking water. Many people have to walk miles and get the water to fulfil their basic needs. Water has always been a challenge in dry areas. Even our bodies comprise 60 percent water.

Water is a critical source for agriculture production and it plays an important role in food security. Because of the increasing population, urbanisation and climate change challenges for water resources are expected to increase along with a particular impact on agriculture.

We consider mountains as the “water towers” of the world, and they are the sources that quench the thirst of half of the world’s population with fresh water. Water is one of the principal sources of energy production. Climate change can possess a serious threat to natural freshwater.

On average, each person uses 80 to 100 gallons of water per day for indoor use. Most of the household water is used to flush toilets and to take showers. And this is the main reason we have started water conservation to protect our precious elements. According to the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation, 135 litres per capita per day are the standard norm for domestic use in India.

“There’s no life on Earth without Water”.

“No Water, No Life. No blue, No Green”.

Value water and respect the worth of water before its too late.

Singhal Bhoomi Pawan

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