The Vice-Captain of Indian Cricket team (ODI) and Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma wore Adidas customized shoes that depicted a ‘turtle in the ocean’ to spread the message to save the species of the turtle as well as wish for a plastic-free ocean. This happened during Mumbai’s IPL 2021 match against Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR). In 2013, Adidas made Rohit Sharma their brand ambassador in India. During the inaugural match of IPL 2021, he was spotted wearing shoes posturing a picture of ‘one-horned rhinoceros’. It seems Rohit Sharma has taken an undertaking to spread the world a message appealing to people not to ‘pollute the environment by polluting the ocean’.

The whole world is striving for a noble cause “No Blue No Green”. In the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the main spotlight of the Mumbai Indians was the importance of wildlife and environmental issues. Now it’s Rohit Sharma again batting for the plastic-free ocean. Rohit’s Instagram post was the talk of the country. In his post, he communicated “The other cause that’s extremely close to my heart. This one hits hard! This is a hundred per cent in our control to reverse. I take my cause with me while I go out and do what I love! I walk out with my cause but it won’t end there, I need you guys to walk with me. Let’s get our oceans healthy again”. His post was a noticeable one spreading awareness about the plastic-free ocean. The 33-year old player knocks out the world by making people vigilant about the great cause to support the conservation of natural species and save the ocean water.

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