The world has produced a whopping 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic, out of which 6.3 billion metric tonnes have become plastic waste, where only 9% has been recycled. To tackle the problem, stark minds are coming up with innovative ideas to reduce the use of plastic bottles that could be harmful to the environment, in short eco-products. These platforms have developed eco-friendly products entirely made of biodegradable materials. The following are a few of such amazing companies.

SWHEATBOTTLE.COM Based in the United Kingdom, the founders of this online platform have developed eco-friendly reusable bottles made from plants that have been burnt or left to waste. They also collect and repurpose cut down bamboo and wheat straws to create durable, lightweight and sustainable bottles for both hot and cold drinks. Swheat plants a tree for every bottle sold where users can track and monitor their trees as they grow. Swheat also uses its profits to remove plastic from the oceans. Each Swheat bottle removes 20 lbs of plastic equal to 360 single-use plastic bottles. Each product created is said to be ethically processed, made from sustainable, sourced carbon-neutral materials that give back to the environment. 

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Codesustain is a marketplace that brings artisans, small-scale manufacturers and NGOs together to build a sustainable consumer economy. Codesustain is working towards sustainable business practices. Based in Maharashtra, India Codesustain provides a wide range of products, handcrafted by skilful artisans and craftsmen across India. Codesustain picks the best items that can add serenity and sustainability to our homes. Codesustain offers products that are skillfully handcrafted with 100% natural materials like brass, bronze, stone, clay, bamboo, cane, etc.

Codesustain has also pledged 10% of their net profits to NGOs, meaning that with every purchase from Codesustain there is an added drive to educate girl children and the lives of the craftsmen who make these products grow better while stepping closer towards a sustainable future with eco-products.

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Kagzi bottles are India’s first one of its kind paper bottles. It uses patented packaging technology to replace single-use plastic. Kagzi bottles are redefining packaging through the innovative use of natural materials. Their goal is to provide compostable products with sustainable solutions. Kagzi bottles provide cheap and sustainable bottles, being an eco-friendly alternative to its plastic counterpart. Kagzi bottle is India’s first eco-products, sustainable and 100% compostable replacement to single-use plastic bottles. They made these environmentally friendly bottles of waste paper, which are made to a pulp. They then moulded the pulp into two halves, which are then coated with a waterproofing solution which is glued together using a hot press.

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We produce 220 million plastic bottles every day 80% of which end up in landfills. It takes around approximately 500 years for basic plastic products to decompose and many such individuals and companies are pushing themselves to their limits to sustain and reduce the damage that has been done to our planet. We as consumers can also do our part by switching to these alternatives and at least try to reduce the damage to a better and greener future.  

Shashi. A