The new meaning is being given to the term “rooftop garden” by Thailand’s taxi fleet. They are utilising the roofs of the cabs hang around by the coronavirus crisis to serve as small vegetable plots

Workers of the two taxis grouped the miniature gardens via black plastic garbage bags overextended across bamboo edges. On top, they added to soil in which variability of crops like tomatoes; cucumbers and string beans were planted. 

COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the agricultural system broadly. However, the recent periodical GDP estimates post-COVID scenario showcases sturdiness and pliability in agriculture. 

Only 500 cars are left of the Ratchpruk and Bovorn Taxi enterprises which are exercising in Bangkok’s streets, with 2,500 sitting slothful at many city spots, said Thapakorn Assawalertkul, a 54-year-old executive. 

Many drivers capitulated to their cars and returned to their homes in rural areas when the pandemic hit in the last year and many drivers gave up and returned to their cars during the second wave, he said.

With the new flows of the virus this year, the cooperatives were “completely knocked out” as thousands of drivers gave up on the cars. Taxi rooftop gardening is an amazing idea brought out by Thailand’s taxi drivers.

Thailand’s new infection reached a peak in mid-August, with over 23,400 cases. It proved this wave the very deadliest for the country, assuming 97 per cent of total cases and 99 per cent of its deaths. Thailand has confirmed 1.4 million cases, and 14,000 & above deaths. 

This situation has put taxi companies at financial risk, struggling to repay loans for the purchase of their taxi fleet. The government has not yet offered any direct financial help to Ratchpruk and Bovorn who has owed around 2 billion baht, said Thapakorn. They will be in big trouble if they do not get any help from the government.
 Thapakorn said, “The vegetable from the rooftop garden is both an act of remonstration and a way to feed my workers during this tough time”. 

“The garden is a metaphor for life, and gardening is a symbol of the spiritual path,” quotes Larry Dossey.

Singhal Bhoomi Pawan

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