The Uttarakhand Forest Department has constructed the first of its kind Eco- bridge in the Ramnagar forest division of the Nainital area for the reptiles or small creatures to cross the road safely without confronting traffic

The bridge, which is comprised of bamboo, jute, and grass is 90-feet long. As reported by the Indian Express, the bridge is built over the two-lanes of the Kaladhungi-Nainital expressway and it took 10 days for the workers to finish this structure.

The whole sum spent on the development of the bridge is up to ₹2 lakh. The expressway route to Nainital is utilized by an enormous number of vehicles, particularly in the traveler season. The forest is home to numerous creatures, for example, reptiles, snakes including pythons, rat squirrels, and monkeys

Due to the heavy flow of the traffic, the reptiles are regularly squashed and their remaining parts are found on the roadway. As indicated by the forest authorities, the 5-foot-wide, 40-foot-high bridge could bear the weight of three grown-up people, and the authorities trust that it would even be utilised by panthers.^tfw

The officials also mentioned that the bridge, which will be monitored by four camera traps that will be studied as a model by the Forest Department, Ramnagar Divisional Forest Officer. In order to attract reptiles and other small animals, there will be a plantation of creepers which will be layered with grass and leaves. Reptiles and other small animals are considered an important part of the forest food chain and therefore, it is important to preserve them. This initiative of eco-bridge will be an important step towards it. The forest officials also mentioned that forest staff would do patrolling of the area to ensure tourists are not using the bridge for selfies.

Written By: Vartika Prasad