The Basil

(Ocimum sp.) leaves, or the famous Tulsi as known in India, is considered a

symbol of purity in India. The holy Tulsi has been a part of Indian households

for centuries through its mythological importance as much as its scientific



particularly the Hindus believe the Tusli to be the “Mother of the Universe”.

The Hindu scriptures respect Tulsi as the Mother who protects her children from

the evils of the world. A Hindu family is often found to have planted Tulsi in

their garden as it is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in the house that

houses a Tusli plant. It is worshipped for its might and disease, poverty,

ailment and any kind of suffering is kept away from a family that has grown a

Tulsi in its premises. Naturally, no Hindu puja, marriage, or a sacred event of

any form goes without the presence of Tulsi.


it is not unknown that mythology has often met science at various levels.


importance lies in many more scientific aspects than only Hinduism. Here is why

science considers Tulsi or Basil leaves as one of the best sources of healthy

life for mankind…

Tulsi is

medicinal and is one of the most crucial herbs in Ayurveda. It has been used

for ages as house-remedies for curing fever, cough and cold, indigestion,

headache, and other common disorders.

It keeps

away insects and bacteria, thus defending the body against germs and diseases.

Thus, regular consumption of Tulsi leaves in tea or other food items is proven

beneficial for strengthening one’s immunity agents external infectious agents.


basil leaves has been recommended by elders over centuries. The germicides

present in the leaf purifies blood besides imparting oral health care. It’s

also known that the holy basil leaves are responsible for controlling blood

sugar level. However, consuming Tulsi for this purpose should be practiced only

on suggested medical grounds.

Tulsi leaves

are hugely used in cosmetic products due to its capability of disinfecting the

skin. Acne, blemishes, and regular skin diseases are effectively treated with

Tulsi. The leaves boiled in water or in the form of dry powder dust is a common

ingredient in every beauty care setup.

The count of benefits from Tulsi, the holy Basil leaves, cannot be limited to a few points. Its importance and capabilities are widespread and that justifies why Hindus worship Tulsi as a Goddess. For centuries, the sacred plant has saved its people from death, disease, and epidemics. A true Goddess for its people, the cultural and scientific importance of Tulsi lies beyond our ability to measure.