Roopam Gaur

Success comes at a cost.

In the world of technological inventions, Life is no more a

herculean task, its mere one touch on our smartphones.

Undoubtedly, with all the latest technology and development, our lives have

become more luxurious and comfortable. However, we need to ponder upon that at

what cost we are leading this luxurious life.

The growing urbanization is extremely alluring and enticing

for the people and they are migrating to cities at an unstoppable rate. People

are tempted towards cities in the hope of prosperity, jobs and a better life.

At present, the world’s half population is living in the cities, while the

research says that by 2050 the world’s two-third population will be living in

urban areas. However, with urbanization going strong all around the world,

problems associated with it often go unnoticed by common people. With this

reckless migration to cities, an immediate hazard that can be seen is

environmental degradation. It results in the myriad of problems such as poor

air quality, water quality, scarcity of water, extra waste production, waste

disposal problems, excessive consumption and many more. Increase of population

pressure in cities results in more vehicles and traffic congestion. This

increases the consumption of energy that eventually harm the environment. This

is not affecting only humans but even the animal population is equally vulnerable

in the process of urbanization. The rampant urbanization is also resulting in

loss of habitat, food resources, toxicity in the environment, etc. Therefore,

it has become difficult for birds and animals to thrive like before.

One of the fundamental reasons why urbanization is resulting

in challenges for future generation rather than blessings is due to its

unplanned development. So until late, it was not considered an environmental

hazard. The adverse effects started coming into light gradually.

To combat these problems first of all we have to be mindful.

Awareness, realization and self-check are the keys. However, the problem has

become so grave that it is beyond the capability of common people to solve on

their own and hence the intervention of authorities is essential. The

administration needs to develop a strong public transport system to minimize

the increasing pollution. It is of utmost importance to maintain proper waste

management both at the domestic level and at the municipal level. To preserve

the environment, it is important to increase the green blanket which acts like

the lungs of the cities which can be achieved by the plantation of more trees.

It is important to switch towards sustainable fuel like electric vehicles so

that pollution can be controlled. Complementing to these, there is a lot where

the common public can contribute by imposing a self-ban or regulation and being

careful each time we consume an energy resource.

Let’s pledge to provide a sustainable environment around!