The vice president of India M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday highlighted the urgency posed by climate change according to recent events and the increased frequency of harsh and extreme weather, the topic discussion was amidst the book release Nursery Rajyaniki Raraju of a late Palla Venkanna, a renowned conservationist who is known for his work of transforming a village in Andhra Pradesh, Kadiyam to a popular plant nursery. He implied that the dedication of Shri Venkanna in making a ‘Green Bharat’ is appreciable and also applauded his effort to turn every home in the country green, wherein the entire country will turn green. He also mentioned the life story of Sri Venkann while always remaining an inspiration for the future.

Venkaiah Naidu also asked people to adopt sustainable measures and practices and voluntarily join in various conservation activities. He also acknowledged that the recent flash floods and landslides in different parts of the country and the world are clear signs that prove climate change is real and it cannot be business as usual anymore and is a part and parcel of rapid urbanisation and deforestation. It added that all the development works to be considered to also protect the environment and to make a sustainable living to be an important factor in development to be meaningful, which implies the harmonious human coexistence with nature to mitigate further weather events.

Naidu stressed the need for enforcing strict laws such as ‘Polluter Pays’ and enforcement to tackle environmental pollution. He added that “from the panchayat to parliament, all stakeholders must act proactively in protecting the environment” and also asked everyone to join to make a stand-in being a warrior for protecting the environment from the climate crisis.  

The VP added that the connection between health and the environment as he explains how being close to the environment can make us feel rejuvenated by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and enhancing sound mental well-being. He has also mentioned the adoption of outdoor activities like gardening and trekking in the school curriculum for the younger to build a relationship with the environment. 

On the occasion, Naidu also applauded Telangana state’s initiative to plant trees as a part of the ‘Haritha Haram’ movement and asked all the states to take the initiative as an example to create awareness among the younger generation to protect the environment and plant trees from the school level.

 Kesiya Kattukkaran 

I am Kesiya Kattukkaran, a fellow who is a performance-driven, motivated, energetic and result oriented writer who is concerned about the climate and environment. Maybe we do not yet realise how serious the consequences of harming the environment can be, but we should act already and try to save it. I am here to save the planet and I feel that many other people are concerned about the same.