Environment enthusiasts are all geared up to change the world with their passion and determination. Yash Vaidya is a Pune-based environmental enthusiast. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Savitribai Phule Pune University and is currently pursuing Disaster management. He is serving as a director of Samuchit Envirotech, Priyadarshini Karve, Kothrud Pune. Sharing about the NGO work, he says, ” Samuchit Enviro Tech has been a social enterprise working in India since 2005 and focuses on enabling individuals, households, institutions, and small businesses to embrace sustainability in their daily activities. While we focus on major activities in western India, we have been involved with several pan-India projects and in Asia and Africa, either as a service/ product provider or as advisers.”

Adding to this, they work in both rural and urban segments. They mainly focused their rural work on technology consultancy and training in the areas of decentralised renewable energy for household energy services, and climate-aligned agriculture. Urban work focuses on organic waste management technologies and capacity building policy advocacy for climate-aligned and sustainable urbanisation.

Speaking about his journey so far, he mentions, “The environment and animal rescue has always fascinated me. Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin have inspired me. I started working for Animal Rescue after joining Foliage Outdoors (Trekking institute, Pune) in 2015. I could pursue my interest all thanks to my family. Conventional education and my job was never my focus. I wanted to take up something different and here I am”.

Yash has connected with like-minded people through social media. He has found a tremendous response to his volunteering calls and got enthusiastic team members to spread the wonderful work. They allocate different teams to different causes. People should have a simple idea of what exactly is sustainable management, he said, ” Sustainable management tells us how to be efficient in using the current resources available to us, maybe changing the fuel sources available and in learning how this can help future generations and the growing population. Encouraging people to bring some changes should start with the basics like not littering, limiting plastic, conserving electricity, water conservation, rainwater harvesting, travelling by cycle for short distances and many more small steps lead to greater impact”.

He further informed, “We commit Samuchit to educate people on climate change. It has many adverse effects on the environment, like the melting of ice caps can lead to changes in rainfall patterns which can also lead to regions not having rainfall at all to receive heavy amounts of rain causing a flood or by causing draughts because of inadequate falls. The focus is to reach out to people via social media, hold talks and invite various noted researchers to help people understand climate change, its effects and ways to reduce pollution and go sustainable.”

Covering rural development as another initiative, they try to make the village sustainable using the resources available. This is carried out mainly in isolated villages wherein they can bring resources like solar, wind energy, and biogas plants, and also efficient waste management plants are included in the plan. Samuchit also has various products to help people in villages in the way of providing efficient stoves and soaps and home waste management systems. ” This is our world we need to do our part in keeping it safe as it is for the future generations who will inherit the planet after us. Let us leave a greener, sustainable earth”, says Yash while signing off.

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