Photography is an art and a language that speaks via pictures. It is all about capturing special moments to treasure them forever.  With time and years, we have evolved and so has photography. From using films to going digital and from using more handy cameras to smartphones, photography is easily accessible and not restricted to professionals like how it was in 1880. However, with everyone becoming a photographer, it is important to understand the concept of sustainable photography to enjoy your moment in the glory of nature without damaging it. Sustainable photography is a way where we can capture nature at its best with the help of our equipment by taking good care of the environment. Here are some ways where you can take the responsibility and contribute your bit for the better future:

1.) Maintaining the equipment for second use: We often purchase our electronic cameras which have a particular life span. It is essential to dispose them properly when not functional. According to DowntoEarth, only 20% of global e-waste is recycled. With changing technology everything becomes redundant after a few years and the maximum time we could use them is five years. By careful maintenance of our equipment, we can keep them in shape for second-hand use or using its parts individually again.

2.) Using rechargeable batteries: Batteries are often utilised in electronic equipment and need attention to be disposed off  responsibly. Batteries have a life span of 3 years. Rechargeable batteries life span is 2-7 years which leads us to less purchase of it and reusing them.

3) Responsible disposal of Packaging: Most of our equipment is packed in highly layered packaging which leads to the use of plastic and most of it not disposed off correctly and ends up in landfills. Therefore, it is important to dispose off the packaging elements responsibly.

4.) Taking care of surroundings: Often while capturing moments we tend to forget our footprints and its effects on nature.  We need to be more responsible wherever we shoot and use only sustainable products while traveling to shoot places.

Source: Aishwarya Sridhar

In a conversation with The EarthView, Aishwarya Sridhar, the first Indian woman to win at the Wildlife Photographer of the year 2020 competition in adult category spoke about sustainable tips and their importance in responsible photography. She said, ” There are certain steps one can take to be a sustainable photographer. Be careful and do not litter in the open as it pollutes the habitat around. Don’t use plastic and use mostly eco-friendly products this will lead to fewer carbon footprints by tourists. It is important to maintain a distance from the animals and never disturb them for the sake of the picture. While capturing the perfect picture, we often forget that we are entering into their habitat. We need to maintain the basic norms of not hurting or bothering animals.”

She also gave tips to wear camouflage clothes and reduce the use of flash while capturing. “Being a sustainable photographer you contribute towards conservation thereby indirectly your help in protecting the habitat as well as environment”, added Aishwarya as she signs off.

Written by: Nidhi Choudhary

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